3 Helpful Dating Tips for Guys

advice_boy_3Dating includes social plans with an opposite sex. Some refer a date as hanging out or going out with someone you like. Here are few dating tips for shy guys:

Look for like-minded ones. Having common interests and shared circumstances with your date can help you to break the ice much easier. Through this, you can even ensure that you pick certain events which both of you will really enjoy. If you don’t have a club or any organization, you might also consider joining one as it can be a good step to find the right one for you. Try joining a sports club or something similar and you’ll probably meet number of females. Aside from the chance that you can play with them, you now have one thing in common to talk about when you’re together. If you can go outside or see each other in some ordinary situation, then that would be even better and a good start for you to ask her for a date much often. You must also know where you should bring her; a place where your impressing act will count, which will bring us to the remaining tips.

Stay within your own comfort zone. Until you gain better confidence in your relationship and in yourself, try to look for particular situations where you really know your own way around. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick on one thing every now and then just to know your worth. It simply means that you don’t go beyond things where you are clueless and less capacitated. For example, if you don’t feel comfortable going to loud disco clubs, then you can ask her somewhere formal where the two of you can seriously talk.

You can also try to pick an open-ended or informal event without setting an agenda, just like a street fair. If both of you like it, then you can suggest an intimate but nonthreatening date like a coffee at a romantic restaurant rather than another walk in a park. You should learn different varieties on how to catch her attention and know her even more while not going beyond your own comfort zone. You also need to be open to her ideas. Even though you need to be very careful on staying within your comfort zone, you also have to be flexible when it comes to her suggestions. Try to trust your date when she suggests something as she wants to have a great time with you too. Just don’t let her feel you’re bored or lost, or else your relationship won’t work. In the end, if you feel that everything she suggests doesn’t suit your personality at all, then it’s time for you to decide if you can stick with her or not. The next tip will tackle about how to feel comfortable in any kinds of situation.

Prepare but don’t rehearse. Take reasonable steps in order to avoid surprises that may badly affect your date. Try doing a run-through or you can even scout the place. Try to find out how much will the tickets, food or souvenirs cost you.  It really helps if you have a backup plan for your date in case you are into any kind of trouble. However, you must ask your date first if what places fancy her the most. Sometimes, you have to prioritize your date first when it comes to the venue. For example, you think that an auto or car show is a great plan B if you can’t have art exhibit tickets. But your date might not like it that much. After checking for places you want your date to happen, don’t try scripting your whole date as it can be obvious to her. Think of some memorable times you spent with your friends and act normally when you’re in front of her. That way, you can lessen the tension between you and her.